Trish gives each tiki a name just for inventory purposes.  Feel free to re-name your tiki once your receive it.  We've discovered they'll answer to pretty much anything.

Special orders are available - characters, themes, objects, color schemes, etc..  Contact Trish and tell her what you'd like.  She’s pretty versatile.  In most cases your tiki can be ready to go out in just a couple of days.

IMPORTANT:  Please note the dimensions listed for each tiki.  All the tiki images were sized simply to fit inside the little spaces available for them.  Because of that you might think the tikis are about the same size.  A reasonable deduction, Watson, but not true in this case!  The actual dimensions are shown.  They are correct to the nearest inch.  Seriously, please pay attention to those measurements.  We don’t want you to be disappointed if your tiki is larger or smaller than you expected.